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that one really old post of that girl who put her boyfriends in icetrays to put in drinks because it was ‘tasty’the person who got a callout post for graverobbingthe person who received a severed toe

ice trays

Ice isn%u2019t just for water anymore. Freezing liquids into ice trays is a great way to store it, preserve it, and keep it handy. Here are a few ideas: Read the full tip here:

HK icetray

I got this Hello Kitty / Sanrio ice cube tray at a flea market a couple of years ago :) The ice cubes end up in 3D

<3 mosaic

1. Ice Cream Couple, 2. Shop update: gingerbread girls, 3. Shirousa's cake, 4. Amigurumi Valentines Day XOXO pink cupcake bear, 5. With Love, Fambee, 6. mini cupcake plushie, 7. heart gingerbread sha

Ice Tray

2010/08/29: Make a photograph of something cold today. Ice cubes, frosty beverages, or the freezer aisle at the grocery store. #ds287